​With greatest affection, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon. 

Love, Susan

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It is my hope that in these pages you can see I am a good person, how much love I have to offer, how much I would cherish a child and how much I want to create an amazing life for another little human being that you could go through life knowing you made a good decision. I am excited about this next stage of my life, being a parent. And I also feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to adopt.

I want to give you a glimpse of me, my life, my friends and family, and give you comfort in knowing who I am, and how your child will be loved, adored and looked after. I look forward to all the parts of being a parent and I’m so looking forward to being a parent – both the truly sweet as well as the hard parts - the play, the smiles, the cuddles, the sleepless nights the nappies, homework, and even the teenage temper tantrums!

In the summer, I love spending time with my friends and their families on the shore – collecting shells, running in the sand, building sandcastles, chasing waves, listening to the sounds of the ocean, playing frisbee, softball and of course, barbecues! When I’m not at the shore, the summer picnics in Central Park are the best. A visit to the zoo, a bike ride, feeding the ducks, boat rides on the lake, the carousel and playground are all things I look forward to doing with the little one in Central Park.

 I am so excited to share all of this with a child, who will have so many activities already set up to join!

Dressing up with my Friends Charlotte and David’s Daughter Simi!

In the winter, I love making the most of Manhattan and enjoy exploring the feeling and the energy of the city by going to concerts, the ballet, Broadway plays, walking in Central Park and dining out. Ice-skating and watching the Christmas tree go up at the Rockefeller Centre will be on my list of things to do with my child!

I would love to share these activities and experience and open this world to my child. Some of these things were not available to me as a child but to be able to give where I did not have myself but have learnt, would be a joy.

I am so looking forward to exposing this child to my world, my interests and activities and I will support any interests or activities he or she would like to pursue. I want to give this child every opportunity to live and experience life to the fullest!  And I want to instill in my child the importance of being kind, honesty, determination, consideration and being strong like you, his/her birth mother. 

I have planned for a child on my own and I have taken the time to make sure I am set up to look after him/her on all levels, emotionally as well as financially. I believe adoption is an amazing and beautiful way to expand my family. I would be so fortunate and blessed to create a family through adoption.

My Story

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I was born in London and grew up on a tree-lined street where my younger brother, Vic and I lived blissfully with my amazing parents. We walked 100ft to our local school, rode our bikes all day, playing with the neighbors’ children and spent much time in the hills and park, a mile from our home. 

My parents still live in my childhood home, and I cannot wait for the baby to see my attic bedroom, with views of the sky, and the back garden where I ran around looking for snails under stones, feeding birds, making perfume from the petals of our rose bushes and doing cartwheels up and down the grass. I would love the baby to share some of my childhood experiences and create their own memories in London. 

I completed all my education in London, a degree and masters and knew the world was bigger than where I had lived all my life, and felt the bright lights of Manhattan beckoning me. 

I truly admire you – whilst making the dreams come true of a future mother like me, it must be truly heartbreaking for you. I know what you are giving up, I know you are considering adoption as you think its the best long-term decision, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, or that it isn’t hard. One thing is for certain whatever you decide - you will always be the birth parent of your baby. 

Valid Home Study Approved

Expenses Paid


Family is very important to me; I love children and have been baby-sitting my little cousins since I was a teenager. I feel like I’ve had my whole life practicing how to be a mother and dreamed of having a family of my own.

As it became clear that I would not have a biological child, my yearning to create a family of my own has increased. I would be a single mother and although it would be lovely to parent in a partnership, I realize that often bringing up a child often fall solely on a mother’s shoulders.

If I happen to meet somebody special down the line, he could only be special if he loved my child as much as I did, and was worthy of being a father, anything less would be unacceptable and I would not be able to continue in any such relationships.

I promise that if I am chosen to be the adoptive parent of the child you carry, I will raise your child in a home filled with love. Rest assured that I will do all within my power to provide everything that your child needs to have a wonderful childhood and to prepare him or her to be everything you envision them to be, when they are grown. It would be great to speak with you so we can get to know one another better and I can answer any questions that I might not have got to on these few pages. ​

I know this is not easy for you, but I am here to make sure that you have all the information you need, so please feel free to call or text toll free 1-800-243-1658. I have a wonderful, kind adoption lawyer.  

My Nieces - Then and Now

Hello, I’m Susan. Thank you for taking a minute and stopping by. It is so hard for me to imagine the thoughts and feelings running around in your head, at what must be a really anxious and difficult time for you. I think if you are considering this path, that underneath all those feelings, thoughts and uncertainty, you must be really brave, courageous and strong to be thinking about the future, and considering the adoption of your baby. 

My Life Today
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I have lived in New York for 13 years and my home is on the Upper East Side. 

Trick-or-Treat is a costume and candy filled major event in my neighborhood with decorations on every door, parties for the kiddies, competitions for the best costume and then the parade that all the families go to together! The baby’s first Halloween will be so fun and making his/her first costume will be a creative joy for me! 

Bedtime Stories with Devan my Friends Alan and Helen’s Son

I like to spend time cooking (I keep trying to make healthy chocolate cookies!), dancing the tango at the Fred Astaire School of Dance, movies (the summer open air movies in the parks are the best, especially with a picnic) and other activities like hiking upstate NY in Harriman, biking in Central Pak, swimming and skiing. I’m an avid reader and love romantic novels, biographies and legal suspense stories!

About Me, Susan

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My friends describe me as caring, positive, thoughtful, kind-hearted, intelligent, funny and loving. I have a zest for learning, travel, exercise and animals. I moved to New York to continue a career that started in finance. The bulk of my time in New York has been spent building this up and I am now successful enough to run my own business.

I have the luxury of working from home with a flexible schedule and I own my home. I have the time, the resources and the love to give to a child and make sure he/she is brought up in a home with an abundance of love, time and dedication. I am ready to devote my time to raising a baby and will be a hands-on, completely involved parent.

I often dog-sit my best friend’s dog Izzy who is a tiny shih tzu, but thinks she is a hound! I’ve volunteered at a local school to help children from under-privileged backgrounds with their reading skills and am on speed dial for my nieces, when they just want to talk or share a funny story or cry:)

Every December I go to London to my parents home for the holidays celebrations with lots of nephews and nieces. The baby’s future grandparents, aunts, uncles and also my school and university friends cannot wait to meet the newest member to the family!

 We all get caught up in the tradition and magic of Christmas, putting up a 6-foor tree, decorating such that every branch owns an ornament and then the family engages in a celebratory toast as the fairy is placed at the highest point of the tree! The festivities continue with making stocking fillers, placing at the bottom of everyone’s beds, leaving mince pies and milk for Fathers Christmas, and opening presents together by the fire on Christmas morning.

I'm Susan and I Would Love To Adopt Your Baby.

If You're Pregnant & Considering Adoption, Please Call Or Text 1-800-243-1658 Anytime.

Unconditional & Overflowing Love, Much Happiness & Wealth of Opportunities Awaits Your Baby.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, or rather Friendsgiving, whereby friends and families gather, everyone brings a home-cooked dish, and then we sit and eat - well the adults sit, and the children run around, laughing, dancing, catching up, entertaining each other with stories, eating here, eating there. And then, the games begin, twister, monopoly, scrabble, singing and dancing competitions, until everyone wants to watch a movie like the Wizard of Oz or Oliver (these have been the favorites so far) and falls asleep from too much food and too much laughing.

I am fortunate to have a close-knit international extended family and friends in all corners of the world. I was born In London, so have a very English accent! 

I came to New York just over 13 years ago through work. I have built a successful life for myself financially and created a family around me with the many friendships I have built over this time. My family of friends have babies and children that range from newborns to young adults. The children call me Aunty Suzie and I have cherished every minute of being their babysitter, their aunt, their friend and their godparent.

I have bathed and put these children to bed, we have read bed-time, morning and afternoon stories (often on repeat!) together, play-dates have involved super-hero costumes, making paper airplanes, the dinosaur section at the National History Museum (on repeat!) and birthdays have been mandatory!

There will never be any shortage of playmates and older kids to look out for him/her, and who are all so excited to have a new addition to the family!

If you’ve got this far, thank you. Thank you for considering me, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little.