Financially secure and ready to be a loving, devoted and present mom!

Children and education have always been incredibly important to me. I’ve always loved working with children and I started my career as a seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher.


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Please call/text anytime 1-800-557-9529

Valid Home Study Approved

My mom, Bev, is my best friend and will be an every day part of your child’s life if you so generously choose to entrust me! I’m so glad she lives close by in the house I grew up in, which is filled with happy memories of my childhood. She is amazing with children, in a way that is nearly impossible to describe with words but I will try. She allows children to be silly and serious by making them feel heard and smart. She always has your back and encourages all of us – kids and adults included -- to be ourselves and try new things. We talk on the phone every day, get together all the time, and enjoy family vacations together every summer. She is an amazing woman and role model, and a wonderful “Nana” to my niece and nephews (Andrew, Kevin, Sky, and Quinn). I know she’ll be similarly incredible with your child. She’s up for anything, fun, kind, and thoughtful – my friends adore her!

Traveling is important to me and will be something that I share with your child. I love exploring cities and small towns, and visiting beaches, mountains, and everything in between. I was born in England and actually have dual citizenship. I spent a lot of time there growing up, and get back every time I can. I look forward to sharing all of this with your child. One of my best friends, Reilly, lives in Colorado, which I’ve grown to love, and I also spend at least a couple of weeks each summer in Nantucket or Maine. I can’t wait to bring your child with me on all of these adventures.

I’ve always dreamed of being a mom and I will love your child unconditionally. I promise to provide your child with an amazing and supportive extended family, happy home, great education, travel, and adventure.


Please call/text anytime 1-800-557-9529

Thank you for reading this!

Hi, I’m Hilary! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me. While this must be a difficult decision for you, I think your courage, your selflessness, and your love for your child are amazing. Your decision would also be the most generous and transformative gift for someone like me, who has always dreamed of being a mom and devoting my life to a child.    

I hope that my words help you get to know me and envision the loving mom I would be to your child. I would love to learn more about you, talk about your hopes and goals for your child, and figure out how you and I can make them come true.  If you do choose me, please know that I look forward to being by your side every step of the way, and that I will love your child unconditionally.

The schools and teachers here are incredible and among the best in the nation.  

Henry is my sweet, gentle, three-year-old rescue dog – he’s an energetic, loyal, and loving Lab mix. He loves attention, knows a bajillion tricks and everyone loves him. My brother rescued Henry’s sister, Daisy, and all bets are off when these two get together (happy to share video proof, if you’re interested!).  I also have two cats, Cougar and Puma, who are brother and sister – I rescued them from a local shelter about 7 years ago.  

Absolute devotion awaits your baby.

Christmas is a really great holiday and time of the year for our family. On Christmas Eve, we attend a church service filled with Christmas carols and music. I was in the choir that sang at the service throughout middle school and high school, and since then we’ve all enjoyed singing along from the pews. After the service, we do Christmas Eve dinner together and then gather around the Christmas tree to read “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” and play games. Our tree is filled with homemade ornaments, including a reindeer my grandma made out of clothespins long before I was born, a stocking with my name on it that I made when I was three, and a giant Christmas tree my nephews made from their handprints. We love to remember the stories of all the ornaments when we decorate the tree, and each year we add a few special additions to our collection. Before we head to bed, we leave cookies and milk out for Santa (plus carrots for the reindeer, of course!).  

​A glimpse into my life…

My mom, Bev, and my dad, John, (sadly he passed away about seven years ago -- far too soon) raised me in a house filled with unconditional love. They taught me to live fully, love deeply, have confidence in myself, and treasure my family and friends. For me, no day is complete without friends and family in it, whether that means a phone call just to say hi, a funny “this made me think of you” text, a quick bite to eat out, or a casual get-together at a friend’s house.

For a number of years I was dating a man and we talked about adopting a child together, but we broke up before we created a family together. I am not presently in a relationship. I’m open to meeting someone in the future who shares my love of family and would be wonderful to this child, but I know with all my heart that now is the time for me to become a mom. My top priority right now is becoming a mom, and being a mom and providing your child with the best life I can possibly give him or her will take precedence over anything else in the future. I’m fortunate to be at a place in my life where I can make that call. I’m an open book, so if you have any questions let me know. I’m happy to share whatever information would help you make your decision.  It’s hard for me to describe the depth of what my family means to me, or the level of support they provide. We genuinely love spending time together and we always support each other, no matter what. My entire family is ready and waiting to shower your child with love and welcome him or her to the family.

My home and my pets

I live within walking distance of town, many of my friends, and the college where I work. My home has a large, fenced-in back yard where I love to play with my sweet dog Henry, have meals on the patio, play  guitar, and hang out with friends and family. The family room has sliding doors that lead right to the deck and yard, so we’re constantly enjoying fresh air and sunshine. 

Today, I am the vice president of a college – a job that allows to me make a difference, and also to have a flexible schedule. If you choose me to adopt your child, I can promise you that she or he will be showered with love and surrounded by some of the most amazing and cool people from all backgrounds and all over the world. There is such a wonderful, youthful energy and always something amazing going on at the college – basketball games, soccer matches, art shows, performances, concerts, yearly breakfast with Santa, I could go on and one. The college is extremely forward-thinking and diverse, celebrating human differences as well as similarities. I know the wonderful staff, faculty and students will all embrace this child with open arms and hearts.  

Birth Mom Financial Help

Please call/text Hilary 1-800-557-9529

A little about me and my dream of becoming a mom! I absolutely love children and feel completely ready – emotionally, logistically and financially - to make your child the center of my universe.

A few closing thoughts…

Thank you reading about me. I am so happy to answer any questions you have and I’d love to text or talk. 

Please call or text me anytime at 1-800-557-9529 so we can get to know each other. 

You can also e-mail me at

If you have any questions about me or the legal process, please call my attorney Suzanne Nichols.  She has helped me so much through all of this, and she is so knowledgeable, kind and non-judgmental. I can’t explain how much her help has meant to me. Suzanne is happy to speak with you. 

Thanks again for considering me to adopt your baby. I truly can’t thank you enough.

Love, Hilary

My lifelong dream has been to become a mom. From the time I was a little girl, I hoped to adopt a baby. When the time was right for me to become a mom, I decided that I would try to adopt and get pregnant at the same time. Basically, I chose to let the universe tell me which path was the right one for me to become a mom. After a number of failed fertility treatments, it is clear that my dream from the time I was a little girl was the right one – I was always intended to create my family through adoption. I will be so grateful to you if you help this dream come true.

It’s hard for me to describe the depth of what my family means to me, or the level of support they provide. We genuinely love spending time together and we always support each other, no matter what. My entire family is ready and waiting to shower your child with love and welcome him or her to the family. 

​My older brother, Todd, lives close too, and he is such a great guy. I am grateful to Todd and his wife Lisa for giving me three awesome nephews and an amazing niece (they blended their family when they got married – Todd had two sons, and Lisa had a son and a daughter). I’m so proud of Andrew, Kevin, Sky, and Quinn—they’re unique, independent, and loving. It’s been my pleasure to be their aunt and their cheerleader. I have proudly been with them through diapers, skinned knees, tears, laughter, baseball and football games, board games, sleepovers, movies, recitals, ping pong tournaments, and graduations. My nephew, Andrew, is an athlete and an incredibly talented carpenter – he can build anything. My nephew, Kevin, has an amazing knowledge of history and a hilarious sense of humor. My niece, Sky has a unique and cool fashion sense and a passion for traveling the world. And my nephew, Quinn (or Q, as we call him), can play pretty much any musical instrument and he’s also really good at street hockey. They are truly a joy in my life. My brother is an incredible dad, and he will be a wonderful uncle and role model for your child, too. I’m very close with my extended family, too, and I have cousins, aunts, and uncles up and down the East Coast. Many of my cousins now have young kids. From the time I was a child until this day, we have had an annual summer gathering at one of our houses on the beach (usually in either North or South Carolina). It is so much fun – kids playing, dogs barking, my cousin and I playing our guitars, staying up too late, and more! – I can’t wait to share this with your child. My entire extended family is supportive of my adoption plan and ready to unconditionally embrace the newest addition.


Please call/text anytime 1-800-557-9529

On Christmas morning, we usually wake up early (it’s exciting!) and then race down the stairs to start opening presents. We go one-by-one so that everyone can enjoy every gift (my nephews were a little impatient about this when they were little, but now they love that we take our time). There are always at least a couple new family games under the tree, which we play throughout the afternoon before cooking a big turkey dinner. 


Please call/text anytime 1-800-557-9529

I have lived in the same close-knit New Jersey town since I was seven years old, which means I have  family and friends all around. They are an amazing support system and a constant source of joy, love, laughter. Many of my friends live within walking distance of me and nearly all of them have young kids, meaning that your child will be surrounded by friends and honorary aunts and uncles. From Christmas parties in the winter to summer barbecues, there is always something going on. I love to have people over for simple get-togethers, and to hang out on my friends’ porches with their young children when the weather is nice out. 

I will love your child fiercely and unconditionally, doing everything I possibly can to provide him or her with a wonderful life. 

I will encourage and nurture your child’s unique talents, interests, and qualities, always valuing and supporting his or her individuality.

I will ensure that your child has a childhood filled with love, wonder, adventure, learning, and joy.

I will be forever dedicated to ensuring your child’s health, happiness, and success.

Your child and I will always celebrate with love and deepest gratitude the extraordinary birth mother who made it possible for us to become a family.

Since my career is established and my schedule is flexible, I can be a totally hands-on mom. Plus, my college is close-knit, family-friendly, and incredibly supportive of families of all kinds.